Apprenticeships and Training

Are Apprenticeships The New Degree?

More and more we are seeing a rise in the popularity of apprenticeships as universities and the degrees they bestow start to lose their lustre. Not only is a university degree an expensive proposition, once upon a time it used to mark you out as an educated individual.

Today however, after a decade or more of increasing university attendance, we are beginning to see a seizmic shift away from university towards vocational learning and on the job practical training as graduates begin to realise that their degree no longer guarantees are route to a well paid job.

apprenticeships training

Apprenticeships allow youngsters to enter the workplace with minimal knowledge and training, but lets them learn on the job, normally one day a week for the first few years of employment.

The qualifications that apprentices gain after completing their course vary depending on their specific apprenticeship course, but all are recognised industry qualifications that allow for career progression.

Practical training on the job while also gaining real life experience is for many a better alternative to a university degree that takes three years of full time study, costs around £9,000 per year and leaves students with large, long term debts that take years to repay.

With an apprenticeship from a training provider you avoid the need to run up massive debts, gain a valuable qualification, start earning & learn valuable on the job skills.

Additionally, where you study for your degree and the degree you take will have a huge affect on your future employment prospects. Many graduates have gained degrees from less prestigious UK universities, only to find that employers don’t value them as highly as a degree from Oxford or Cambridge.

£27,000 of debt for your degree in ‘David Beckham’ or ‘sports science’ isn’t enough to improve your employment opportunities. An apprenticeship on the other hand gives you a qualification, without the debt, and allows you to earn a living at the same time.

Apprenticeships fell out of favour in the 1990’s but are making a comeback as degree qualifications lose their appeal. You can find out more about apprenticeship opportunities here and take the first steps to learn while you earn training.